Saskatoon Parrot Head Club

It is the intention of the Saskatoon Parrot Head Club to provide social and charitable activities for the enjoyment and benefit of all of our members, guests, hosts and charities.  All members of the organization shall be required to treat fellow members, guests and hosts and their personal property with respect.  Members also agree to abide by all local, provincial and federal laws (including but not limited to) governing misuse of personal privileges, personal property and controlled substances.

Members of the Saskatoon Parrot Head Club, by virtue of their membership agreement, agree to demonstrate personal responsibility for their words, actions and deeds and not to exhibit behaviours that are harmful to themselves and other members, guests and hosts or their personal property.  We seek to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to share our common love of the music and tales of Jimmy Buffett and to further the charitable ideals that we seek to uphold.

Saskatoon Parrot Head Club will not condone behaviour contrary to our objectives nor that which we feel is harmful or injurious to others.  By virtue of your membership in the Saskatoon Parrot Head Club you have indeed agreed to “Party with a Purpose” in a most responsible fashion!